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Would You Like to be My Friend? Digital Download

Fully Organic…haha


Would You like to be My Friend?                                                                               48” x 36”

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Meanings of our words and symbols is so ingrained at this moment in time that any derivation upon the accepted regular interpretation is greeted with sneers or disdain. If we took this image and changed its meaning, could we start to talk about the other changes that might invite people to start being kinder to one another. This organic and natural complex identifying that opens the door to trolling and negativity on a huge and seemingly unstoppable scale is a making of our own design and therefore a change that we can choose to make. When hurting becomes the unacceptable then the whole society can start to give those gifts they were meant to give. Is this possible? I believe it is.


Your choices:
Giclee…This is a high-end print on canvas using 7 inks and the best technological equipment in color matching and preservation to ensure the very next best thing to an original in print form.
Archival Prints…This is also a high-end print on a special paper that uses no bleach, so the inks do not break down and fade for twice as long as other reproductions (except Giclee). The inks are also archival and laid down with a 7-color system for supreme color matching and longevity.

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Giclee size


Archival Print

11.25" x 15", 9" x 12"


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