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Fascinating processes go into the building of things. While exploring the wonderous new shapes of a reality not entirely controlled by a less than complimentary support system attitude about yourself, the supportive shine out like brilliant lights. My best friend Bill was the most illuminating beacon at this time. He was building my studio in the back yard.  

Using recycled wood he manifested a floor. It was when the framing went up that you could begin to see the vision. This was not a typical “shed” as the permit said. This had towering ceilings made of glass, and was sided with removable windows for not just ventilation, but a superior connection with nature.  

The plan to make an entire wall a moveable and changeable easel set up that could convert to a work table made the small space so versatile that forgetting it was small was an easy task. With so much emotional turmoil happening my best friend was building a structure that had thought through every possible way to use what was available to help me continue being me.

Working Bill is about the actions taking place without words that are the shouting to the universe how much I support and believe in you. When you can see them forming the foundations upon which you can build a dream, it needs no further words. It is a simple beautiful “I believe in you.”

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