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Woman Behind The Scenes


Original canvas print of “Woman Behind The Scenes”


Thrashing through new viewpoints on old experiences always takes me back to quite a few issues now being dealt with by the metoo movement. Trying to create the back of a woman just turning her head to the left for her peripheral vision to provide warning signs morphed into an entirely new concept in the process of creation. This is the woman unable to speak out doing what she can behind the full light of recognition.

Many many years in our society women found the way to be instrumental in birthing new ideals, creating better realities, and in more than just support changing the world. Frequently seen as manipulative, vile creatures when their involvement was revealed the women still contributed.

The looking back has turned into more of a yearning to be heard, or recognized for the work that has already been completed and put into effect. I also see in my mind’s eye those young vital women looking for the stories of the brave and woman affirming stories rarely not taken out of our histories.

Covered by balls, yeah that was on purpose. Three balls is a representative sign of the men not petrified of those brilliant women. Three balls represents how much courage it took to stand up and disagree with the status quo and speak the truth of the value of women in many areas.

This piece is a celebration of the innovative way women have always made themselves vital parts of our world in all areas. This also celebrates the strength it took to do so without credit. Hopefully it also celebrated that women will no longer have to forgo credit to participate in our world, and history will fully see and acclaim their work.

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