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Twisted Past


Original canvas print of “Twisted Past”


I have been living within traditions springing from my partially Irish roots. In releasing myself and my vision for the future by identifying and choosing what to alter for the future I needed to recognize that some things steeped in tradition through no one’s fault are not great self-esteem things to live with.  

My ancestry looking way way back is the biggest assholes in the world. They created slavery and kept down and in control a multitude of other dependencies of people. They conquered and inhabited places, stripping them of natural resources and claimed a superiority above all others. Icky!  I am not responsible for their actions, but I would like to be part of negating some of the harm left in that wake if I can.

My ancestry in a closer sense is of an Irish, tease and demean each other attitude that considered those acting too big for their britches to be a vile sort. Easier to jibe than compliment tradition of people. I put my tradition in the Celtic knot bottom right moving up and hanging over other protruding influences from the wider ancestry and their atrocities, none with a name, all just a progression of a past I wish to alter for the future and my progeny.

We must recognize truthfully the past to know we do not wish to repeat it.

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