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Original canvas print of “Timpani”


Is there supposed to be a celebration, brass band, 76 cornets when you have reached a milestone? Once I suspected that this was the outcome for the successful people. Taking stock and appreciating our revelations and new perspective while keeping a realistic path forward perspective is important.

Hey congratulation!  Who doesn’t love to hear that? Poor me an Appletini and lets smile at a milestone reached in an honest and diligent way. Okay let’s celebrate even if it was not totally honest or diligent.

Let us celebrate victory and innovation over digs and nastiness. Choosing what we give our attention to create a possible new path forward for all to be able to pursue themselves in a way that is beneficial to themselves and in most cases also beneficial to mankind. Let’s celebrate the real good stuff that has been achieved with a hearty hooray, and a poignant timpani.

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