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Original canvas print of “Soulmates”


This two canvas piece is a very personal creation. I don’t even choose to do reproductions without request. Yeah it is mushy.

Using the representative cogs of our tech society, the simple almost ethereal connection of two who are defined more as a couple than as individuals. The light rays that emanate from this joining pushes all the real world insanity to the edges as the less important thing it is.  

Loosing yourself completely to the other person is not what this is about. You keep yourself individualized and independent and choose to be a half of the whole of the team as well. Shared goals, lives, and family in all its forms exist in this partnership of best friends and lovers who choose to meet the world as the sum of its parts and as themselves too.

Only sold together…… and only meant to be together these two canvases were joined through the entire painting process. They were meant to be joined and are much more compassionate, resilient, and efficient acting as the duo.

This is more than love.

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