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Luv U (love all about you) No. 8


Original canvas print of “Luv U”

Curated for the Multiple Award Winning ‘Apricity Magazine’ of emerging artists

The University of Texas at Austin 2019

Pomegranate to Peach compilation




As a Parent I have struggled to separate expectation based approval from learning about and loving my kids as exactly what they are and choose to be. It is so easy to feel as if I am only loveable if I am acting as taught, and acquiescing as expected.

This acting as you wish for approval and love is such a potentially eroding place to live. There is always a choice to make once you have grown enough to start to question if it is really necessary that I lie and say you’re the perfect human being, and this perfect human being believes I am lacking in many ways. Eventually you put two and two together and you are saying that person is right when they say I’m not good enough as I choose or am meant to be.

The pretense can eat away at the love for yourself each and every time you play along and voice its power. This love all about what you want me to be, say, do, agree to, take care of, give up, endure, or martyr myself too leads to the broken pieces in the depiction.

Luv U is about an acceptance of what another person needs, especially when it bites back and hurts you.

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4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8.25×10.75, 10.75×13.75


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