• 18Kinaesthethic Perigrination

Kinesthetic Peregrination


Original canvas print of “Kinesthetic Peregrination”


Simply put it is the slow ambling walk of learning to be proficient creating something with your hands.

Using tools to hewn something new and original takes time and patience. Some things can be taught, still most of this journey is a repetitive doing process that gets more refined with each passing completed action.

Giving myself permission to be patient with myself, my process, and my understanding has been a difficult thing to do. Earning a classification as a craftsperson is a worthy goal destination. Allowing all the near misses that lead to a cleaner and more refined and well thought out statement piece is also a learned ability.

It is my opinion, and I am frequently wrong, that an artist is the one who cares about it enough to keep working on it until it is just right without giving up and quitting it. You really have to love what you’re doing to be able to keep messing up until you don’t.

This celebrates that journey.

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