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Kid I Love You


Pure Love


(kid) I Love You                                                                                                                  20” x 16”

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My five-year-old granddaughter modeled for this. She loves me and I love her. This is not depending on anything. This free flowing and beautifully unsullied love is without restraint or qualification. We grab each other and give spontaneous hugs and we point out beauty and possibilities in the world. We learn together and talk about our feelings. Beauty is built upon things like the freedom of love of a young person and the freedom of love we allow ourselves with them that we might not allow to any other type of human. Is there a way to embody this free-flowing love in other ways or even partially with other people of varying ages and perspectives?



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Giclee…This is a high-end print on canvas using 7 inks and the best technological equipment in color matching and preservation to ensure the very next best thing to an original in print form.
Archival Prints…This is also a high-end print on a special paper that uses no bleach, so the inks do not break down and fade for twice as long as other reproductions (except Giclee). The inks are also archival and laid down with a 7-color system for supreme color matching and longevity.

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