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It Is Its Name


Original canvas print of “It Is Its Name”


How do you pay attention to everything that deserves attention? Blinders in images flood our world and viewpoint to evolve us into perfect mindless consumers. Fear runs rampant and security seems to be vital. Everything we think we see, is all things we are not taking the time to really see.

You can not see it until you see it. Once you see it you can not see it without it.  This is a puzzle of a painting. The wheels and gears are the front to keep you from recognizing the atrocity of the real image portrayed.  Take your time, engage your friends. This is not easy and only the most clever will find it.

Hint: It is a word made up of only four letters and it is not a curse word. It has over 4000 kits unprocessed across America and is very deserving of attention.

Even if it has not happened to you does not make it less worthy of someone’s attention and care. Let’s stop using the excuses that something is below our notice because we can not see it YET.

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4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8.25×10.75, 10.75×13.75


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