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How Woman Think


Original canvas print of “How Woman Thinks”


My son was explaining to me that men and women think differently. Men think in boxes. Each thing gets put in its own box and stored as that box in their memory. This categorizes and logs each thing as a separate entity.

Women think in strings. Each thought trailing off in a changeable and joinable with others state of a part usable in many ways by the whole. But in a visual sense I saw only a ball of knotted and disorderly threads doing the work of chaos.  Perhaps that is a version that people do believe.

I got a totally different visual in my mind than boxes or threads. I saw tubes. If you start at the opening end and spirally follow a circular path down a narrowing tube which can connect to many other tubes, and always connects to a super processor chip then it explains the movement of how I believe I process thoughts as a woman. The path that leads to visualizing how a man thinks is not mine to paint. I cannot feel how that is enough to try and create a visual for it.

Perhaps that is the greatest lesson. Even though I cannot completely understand the mechanisms I can respect that it is necessary, beautiful, and a wonderful compliment to my own processes. Still I paint my own thought tubes.

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