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Heart Hands (Green Earth)


Little actions, Big results


Heart Hands (Green Earth)                                                                                         36” x 36”

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Do you love the earth? What are the actions for this atmosphere and planet that we live upon that you do simply because you love this place, we all live? Do you recycle? Do you champion green energy? Do you donate, bring your own bags, march, or put panels on your home? When we love something, we take care of it. When is the last time you placed your bare feet on the earth and felt a connection with the entire world and all the energy that is in, on, and around it? Have you smiled at a flower that stopped you in your tracks and said “Hey, Beauty right here Look at me Look at me”? The world can use some of our love. We do not have to ration or doll it out in a few places. Love is an ever-expandable resources that can truly change the world. What is your opinion of how we can show we love the world?


Your choices:

Giclee…This is a high-end print on canvas using 7 inks and the best technological equipment in color matching and preservation to ensure the very next best thing to an original in print form.

Archival Prints…This is also a high-end print on a special paper that uses no bleach, so the inks do not break down and fade for twice as long as other reproductions (except Giclee). The inks are also archival and laid down with a 7-color system for supreme color matching and longevity.

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12" x 12", 15" x 15"


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