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Goal Ascent


Original canvas print of “Goal Ascent”


Goals come easily to me, and they are lofty and quixotic. The journey is not as easy. Many years have been spent running after goals to learn to view things in a more positive and realistically achievable way.

In just recently adopting these new systems of living and progressing I give honorarium to the past of my goal paths. The stairs are always moving making going from one to the next challenging and tough. People and prizes watch me from safe and secure peep holes, waiting to laugh and tease monstrously for any slip or fall. The next step just may send me falling through an endless abyss of ruination and destruction.

Most of my life was reaching for goals and having a support system tell me how far out of reach, out of the realm of my abilities, and darn near impossible it was to achieve. When I finally realized this did not have to be the path that lay on the way to a goal I chose to immortalize in a Dr Seuss fashion the folly and fallacy of the previous vision.  How foolish people can be up and until they chose not to be.

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