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Fractals Of The Mind



Like a train on a runaway track my mind can run circles trough and around a dead horse for days on end. Most people with ADD learn one way or another to reign in this unruly beast for the purpose of creating something in the world.

The methods I have chosen differ for the result I seek. If in a painting I let thought run rampant and unchecked, walk away or sit in silence looking as the momentary mood presents itself. In the marketing and inviting people into my journey as a painter who takes the responsibility of being a visual historian very seriously, I write things down and break into lists to keep myself completing tasks toward the goals.

Both approached continue in my brain unconscious or not until each piece of the larger whole can be checked off, or the expression tells me it is complete.  Fractals is a representation of the structure co-existing with the pieced out list in a way that is pleasantly visual for me.

If you entertain different methods of thought and accomplishment this juxtaposition might look familiar to you as well.

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