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Original canvas print of “Flutterby”


After having spent so much time of breaking into and visualizing thought patterns I had to break from that path in a stark and definitive way. Too much categorizing had been done and our world is a wondrous place of many views and talents. Time to visualize a soft fluffy beautiful planet cohabitation.

Knowing what would be a great result is a good way to start to solve a problem. Being marketed to death, and shamed in a constant stream of always present media has left the art of visualizing ‘what do we really want’ a monumental task.

What I want is for each person to be challenged with the goal of giving to the world as a whole their unique gift, unhindered by race, religion, sex, or economic status.  I saw this as a swarm of butterflies each getting to emerge as the most stunning version of themselves and live amongst others doing the same creating a harmonious society focused on making the world a better place for all to emerge from the cocoon and discover themselves.

Butterfly’s are not all given a fair and equitable chance at emergence in full glory so I could not name it that. It was more of a Hybrid animal than a living one. More of a potential existence than a currently provable one. This is a beautiful dream of people’s potential portrayed as Flutterby’s.

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