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Emotional Landscape


Original canvas print of “Emotional Landscape”


Itchy heels is a sign a journey is looming. My mind was taking a journey of truth. The culprit caught lying was my own memories. The path forward was unclear and moody without being dark.

Layer upon layer needed to be peeled back as an archeology of all that been hidden. One truth to save another’s feelings, or my own, from guilt left a long fogged over trail of obscured memories.

Repetition made the white lie which had become a life saver to its recipient, was an increasingly irritating unease to myself. Constantly required to repeat the lie of “no fault” only served to reinforce on a subconscious level that treating me as an incompetent or incomplete human would also fall under “no fault” and thus be correct and right.

There is a high cost in revealing the truth, because all other truths previously unseen could now emerge in succession, with the fog lifting on one new viewpoint as soon as the last had finished. Revelations came quit and heartlessly and took no breaks in their revealing. The future seemed to hold innumerable hidden, soon to be revealed, new perspectives.

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