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Emotional Entropy


Original canvas print of “Emotional Entropy”


Over and over we pick ourselves up and move on. Letting go of blame to accept responsibility in a mature way, not guilt ridden. Each of the times I have done this in my life I am replacing current repeating brain tapes with positives, and hope. Recognizing that something must be running at all times I find it important that I choose whenever possible through repetition , what those phrases are and curate them as a fine museum show for the greatest benefit to all.

Yeah this is a chore. Yeah it must constantly be repeated, refined and you must revamp a pattern of drilling it into your on brain. After a revamp the ponderance of what would happen if I never chose to change my thoughts and curate them. What if I completely left my mental health to chance and Willy Nilly rode upon a wind of circumstance.

Entropy was the conclusion for myself if I choose to not curate my own health then even being born a positive person could easily fall into the bitterness, fear, and hate that is a constant in our world today. This is the visual of that perceived entropy.

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