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Hypersensitive is how so many of my emotions have been categorized by people close to me for a long while. Not all people. Very poignant people. This explorative journey had led to me start to take apart a lot of previous scenes coined hypersensitive and look at them as if those emotions had value as they were.

Right and wrong change so often within a lifetime. Defining an emotional representation as right or wrong is to sharp and edgy to me. Perhaps an emotional representation is exactly what it needs to be. Perhaps it is a bit much. Maybe it is concealed as an unimportant aspect of a life due to the constant naming of it as an unnecessary, unimportant, tasteless display of pure selfishness.

If you can make a person believe that what they feel has no worth or validity, you have created a manipulatable puppet who will do your bidding or cymbal monkey dance upon command. Either does strip that person of the self-value needed for individuality. The most likely conclusion of this type of control is revolution.

Beauty is also found when that person can shine through enough of themselves to eventually cast off the servitude attitude and validate their own emotions. There can be a great deal to loose when this happens for the master is never happy when the servants revolt. The servant must be willing to completely give up the master they know and step alone into the future.

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