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Original canvas print of “Bombast”


When you wish to achieve something first you must believe. Second you must tell people why it is so good it is worth achieving. Speaking to more than one or two people requires some Bombast. We must get their attention, then they will listen.

Mostly bombast is about making something seem more important or lofty than it is. The shapes in the composition are simple shapes, it is only the order and placement in the whole that makes them look unique. Still working with the principles of the tech laden society sometimes a screw is more than just a screw.

Accepting that everything is bigger than we think it is, and smaller as well leaves open a large area for qualifiers. Why must we give something a value on a sliding scale? Placed just right everything is absolutely amazing. Everyone is amazing. Even a child with autism is carrying a unique gift for the world. To get the world to pay attention to the importance of all of us will require some bombast.

So shout it from the rooftops, send a sonic message to the sea, give it every afflatus you can muster, this is one message that deserves being verbally escalated.

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