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An Accord Digital Download


Let’s talk about how we come to good effective agreements.

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An Accord                                                                                                                        48”x60” Original Painting

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From New York to Beijing and the forest to the beach the Yin Yang balance that can create the atmosphere for conversations that can lead to action for the good and betterment of all is represented in this piece that asks people to discuss what will it take for us to start talking and acting for anything that can lead us to positive action on behalf of all. What is your opinion of how these conversations can once again start happening on all levels of societal communication? Things are not exactly black and white even though it may look that way at a distance.


Your choices:

Giclee…This is a high-end print on canvas using 7 inks and the best technological equipment in color matching and preservation to ensure the very next best thing to an original in print form.

Archival Prints…This is also a high-end print on a special paper that uses no bleach, so the inks do not break down and fade for twice as long as other reproductions (except Giclee). The inks are also archival and laid down with a 7-color system for supreme color matching and longevity.

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12" x 15", 9" x 14.25


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