Artists Journey

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our one of a kind abstract art, knows they are getting a unique experience of healing worthy of a person with truly refined and elegant taste.


Before I created Abstract Annessa pain was my main descriptor.


Then one day my mind change happened. I could no longer do what I was doing and have a life worth living. I deserved a life of action, taste, paying forward. First I had to get better. Fibromyalgia, Auto Immune, Celiac, and Lead Poisoning had to be fixed. I mean fixed not just managed and maintained. Looking at detailed, interesting art was key in my recovery.


I was concerned that all this sounds to hokey, other world, and my art was too different and complex for me to put it out there and use it to open up that healing avenue for others.


But then I had spent 5 years unable to move, live, add anything to the world, and there I was getting better. It no longer mattered if it would work. I only mattered that I create a good avenue for healing looking and get it where people could find it. I had a great secret to getting better and had to share it.


I decided I set out to create the most high end creative expression of art that embodied all the elements that I feel make looking fun and interesting. AbstractAnnessa art for most people and especially those who need the benefit or really appreciate different expressive art from museums to collectors and for those who don’t know yet just what life enriching emotions you get from just the right centerpiece to a wall in your home, or a case on your phone.


It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.


I was still getting better, moved to a different state to be near my parents so I didn’t miss any more time with them, then both my children came as well. My son and his fiancé had a baby boy, and my daughter had a baby girl. We were starting a cleaning company, and my husband who had to work two jobs back in Colorado found one in Arizona on a simpler life. Life was full and busy.


Learning to pace yourself and create time for growth is not easy, adding change to that makes each step hard. I started working out a couple minutes. Got up at 5 am to have some painting time in my outdoor studio. Like I am sure you have done in the past, I found a way, and a style, and moved forward.


My children have moved on, which also means my grandchildren too. I am currently estranged from my daughter who with her daughter had lived with us the last two years, and the first year and a half of my granddaughter’s life. Emotionally I was on a rollercoaster of loss and fear and despair. I wanted to give up. Who would get the work? Who would really try the healing? Maybe they will all just think my cheese slid completely off my cracker. Maybe that is what was happening.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been more than I even dreamed. People stood in front of the work and you could see the stress leave their shoulders. I got commissions and they created happiness. Young people were wanting it for a screensaver or a phone case. Rooms were illuminated and brought together with one or two well-placed pieces. Charities were auctioning prints to help feed and get medical for veterans. The possibility of creating an after school art program for children was starting to come together. Most of all people were healing themselves.


And me…….. I feel really good. I contribute. I spread the word. I no longer live in pain.